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The missing piece?

Would the global publishing industry exist in major languages if there were little revenue and few paying jobs?  No. Yet this is precisely the case in thousands of minority indigenous languages. So why can’t we figure out why sustainable education and  development — invigorated by thousands of local micro-publishing entrepreneurs — have never taken off [...]

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How cognitive surplus will change the world

In this 2010 TED Talk, Clay Shirkey calls cognitive surplus “a trillion hours a year of participatory value up for grabs.”  This could have enormous implications for the design of an equitable learning environment for the ‘3 billion at the bottom‘. Shirkey concludes with this: What’s going to make the difference here is what Dean Kamen, [...]

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The Localization Alliance

We’re in the Opportunity Discovery phase of  the Technology Entrepreneurship course I’m taking at Stanford Online, and some exceptionally gifted people have joined the Localization Alliance ‘team’ I started this past week.  The value they could add is significant, to say the least.  See the team vision-description statement below. If you’ve been involved in any [...]

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Spark a Child’s Digital Future

Great News! After years of  careful preparation, planning, development, training and pilots — with great results — World Vision’s efforts to localize teaching & learning materials across all program areas  should finally begin bearing fruit this summer. With the help of donors — and 2x matching grants from Microsoft, Intel and the British Council  — [...]

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The Cocreative Learning Network

Please see: cocreativelearning.net.

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Are entrepreneurs heroic figures or system builders?

It’s a tough call on who wins this one: Marc Ventresca in his  TEDx talk Don’t Be an Entrepreneur, Build Systems, or Ted McCracken in his critique Who and What Is an Entrepreneur?  on the HBR Blog Network.  Elements of both ring true in my experience. Where Ventresca sees entrepreneurs as system builders “marshaling, mobilizing, [...]

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Voices from Oxford: Prof Paul Kim

I first heard of Dr Kim on a World Vision conference call discussing emergency education response options after the 2010 earthquake in Haiti.  Since then I’ve come to know him as a passionate and innovative agent and advocate for at-risk learners the world over. This Voices from Oxford webcast makes clear the fact that his [...]

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Encapsulated Universes

This  beautiful conversation with Lera Boroditsky on edge.org is precisely why co-creation is not just a crucial strategy for billions of left-out learners, but for the rest of us, too…. I came across Encapsulated Universes via an ILAT listserv post, How Languages Shape Our Understanding of the World , an op-ed piece by Paul Woodward [...]

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Getting localization right

World Vision is doing a great job with Shellbooks in East Africa. This excellent video shows the process in the context of a resource localization workshop in the Maasai community of Siyiapei in Kenya. Here are a few sample quotes from the narration and participant interviews: Shellbooks are simple story-based teaching and learning resources — [...]

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The Shellbook Publishing System

The Localization Alliance is seeking public and private partners – local community or community-focused organizations, schools, government and private education, development aid & relief agencies, universities, companies, start-ups, and/or individual programmers, subject matter experts, curriculum designers, researchers, and others — with the interest & ability to do any of the following: create & publish teaching & learning resources [...]

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a grassroots OER-hybrid model?

I posted this on one of the Stanford MOOC forums yesterday. Although I’m a strong proponent of Open Educational Resources (OER), there’s an  important economic argument to be made for licensing which permits the sale of derivative works by anyone who adds value. But managing that on a global scale in an equitable and cost [...]

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Overcoming Diversity Deeper than the Digital Divide

This 6 minute video was the introduction to a plenary session at the 2nd Annual mEducation Alliance International Symposium 2012: Partnering for Scale & Impact in Sept 2012. It highlights the plight of left-out learners, globally, outlines the development history of ‘shell books’ over the past 23 years, demonstrates the features of the Shellbook Publishing [...]

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The Story of Olol Ngojine

The key concepts used in this shell were from Cambodia. They were discussed and adapted by Olchorro, a Maasai community in Kenya, during a Shellbook localization training workshop facilitated by World Vision’s Pierre Biscaye in the summer of 2012. View this publication on CalaméoPublish at Calaméo or browse the library.   After a thorough discussion [...]

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Designing a New Learning Environment

Welcome to the new shellbook blog. I’ll be posting the ‘About’ and other pages next week with more details on the purpose, etc, but I had to get the site launched today. The Stanford Online course described below begins on Monday. But here’s the skinny on what you need to know about this site for [...]

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