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The missing piece?

Would the global publishing industry exist in major languages if there were little revenue and few paying jobs?  No. Yet this is precisely the case in thousands of minority indigenous languages. So why can’t we figure out why sustainable education and  development — invigorated by thousands of local micro-publishing entrepreneurs — have never taken off [...]

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The Localization Alliance

We’re in the Opportunity Discovery phase of  the Technology Entrepreneurship course I’m taking at Stanford Online, and some exceptionally gifted people have joined the Localization Alliance ‘team’ I started this past week.  The value they could add is significant, to say the least.  See the team vision-description statement below. If you’ve been involved in any [...]

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Spark a Child’s Digital Future

Great News! After years of  careful preparation, planning, development, training and pilots — with great results — World Vision’s efforts to localize teaching & learning materials across all program areas  should finally begin bearing fruit this summer. With the help of donors — and 2x matching grants from Microsoft, Intel and the British Council  — [...]

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The Cocreative Learning Network

Please see:

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Encapsulated Universes

This  beautiful conversation with Lera Boroditsky on is precisely why co-creation is not just a crucial strategy for billions of left-out learners, but for the rest of us, too…. I came across Encapsulated Universes via an ILAT listserv post, How Languages Shape Our Understanding of the World , an op-ed piece by Paul Woodward [...]

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