The Shellbook Publishing System

The Localization Alliance is seeking public and private partners – local community or community-focused organizations, schools, government and private education, development aid & relief agencies, universities, companies, start-ups, and/or individual programmers, subject matter experts, curriculum designers, researchers, and others — with the interest & ability to do any of the following:

    1. create & publish teaching & learning resources in your area of expertise in the end-user-adaptable Shellbook format
    2. maintain & enhance the existing Shellbook Maker (Java) application…
    3. …or develop your own Shellbook open-standard-format compatible application from scratch, or develop roundtrip import/export between your existing application(s) and the Shellbook format
    4. develop Shellbook apps for mobiles and other devices
    5. develop and host Shellbook Registration Server to register, index, manage, connect, and coordinate sharing between registered Shellbook Publishers, globally, at every level
    6. develop & operate Web 2.0 applications for publishers to edit, store, and share Shellbooks and host their personal, group, community, organizational, or commercial Shellbook Libraries online. (Java application code and/or functional specifications from a Shellbook-Online web service prototype are available for your use, or develop your own app(s) from scratch with the technology of your choice.
    7. develop & operate the Open Library for Local Learning Communities Open Educational Resources (OER)
    8. develop & operate hybrid (OER & commercial) Shellbook Exchanges
    9. develop & deliver Shellbook training & other services  for shell content developers, schools, implementation agencies, companies, micro-enterprises, and others

For more information, you can contact me via LinkedIn, or send your contact information to the Life Access Technology Trust.