The Story of Olol Ngojine

The key concepts used in this shell were from Cambodia. They were discussed and adapted by Olchorro, a Maasai community in Kenya, during a Shellbook localization training workshop facilitated by World Vision’s Pierre Biscaye in the summer of 2012.


After a thorough discussion of the key concepts, the community re-arranged them to create a plot and storyline that was far more clear, accurate, natural and meaningful in their own local cultural context. Then they acted out the story, making sure they had a good scene that clearly illustrated each of the key concepts, photographed them, put the photos in Shellbook Maker, added the text and voila!… a community authored and illustrated storybook with a life-crucial message. And everyone in the community could explain the meaning in great detail. That’s “ownership through authorship”.

p.s. I showed a copy to some Maasai friends here in the USA, and their response was ‘Wow! That kind of thing really happens!’

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